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Ameri-Force Promotion Announcement

It is with great pleasure that I announce two promotions in Ameri-Force effective April 1, 2015:  Lisa Boyd, Vice President, Ameri-Force Management Services; and Ben Sizemore, Vice President, Gulf and West Coast Operations.

Lisa came to us in April, 2008, with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting and several years of experience from the home design and construction industry.  Her transferable skills are evident today in the Accounting and Payroll departments where she has brought efficiency and structure to the design of those departments.  Lisa has a positive impact in all departments inside our company where she has helped just about everyone through a triumph, or tragedy.  Lisa approaches the challenges presented to her with zest and a winning attitude.  Her ‘off the clock’ time is spent with family and conditioning for the next local marathon.  Go Lisa!

Ben arrived at Ameri-Force back in February, 2004, as an Industrial Coordinator in Alabama.  He brought with him a solid background in Industrial Services where he successfully managed multiple locations with a variety of challenges.  He applied his talents to the Gulf area and has grown with our company.  Ben is studious and steady.  His impact is reflected in his tenure where his ability to adapt, learn and apply that knowledge is evident throughout his organization in the Gulf Coast.  When Ben is not in the office, or with his family, you can find him outside in nature where he is able to focus on other targets.

These promotions recognize the contributions that both Lisa and Ben have made to Ameri-Force.  We wish them the best of luck as they take on their new responsibilities.  Please take time to stop by, or reach out via phone/email to wish them congratulations.

Dave Enman
Ameri-Force, Inc.