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Ameri-Force the Workforce Experts

Ameri-Force is a top-tier provider of manpower to all major ship construction and repair facilities nationwide. We also service the professional and industrial sectors including; steel fabrication and armored vehicle manufacturing.

How We Can Help the Workforce

Ameri-Force provides the highest hourly wages and per Diem rates. Our dedicated staff continually ensures the safest work environment for all of our employees. Ameri-Force offers a broad spectrum of long term assignments focused on building your job skills and experience base. With twenty years in the business, the knowledgeable Ameri-Force staff is dedicated to providing job opportunities to help advance your career and to ensure your on-going employment as a member of our skilled team.

If you have Military Experience, are a Certified Professional, such as a Pipe Fitter or Welder, have completed an apprenticeship program, or are a journeymen Level Craftsman, we have several great opportunities that we would like to talk with you about. Just check out our Fitter jobs.

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