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Ameri-Force Emergency Contact Information

Natural Disasters

Before, during or after a Natural Disaster, such as a Hurricane, Tornado, Earthquake, etc., remember to stay in contact with your local Ameri-Force office and personnel, or with your Risk Management Personnel. Refer to the list below for contact numbers for these situations.

Ameri-Force will post specific emergency information on our web-site for all personnel to refer to, such as instructions for contacting Ameri-Force personnel in the event you are evacuated from a disaster area. We will endeavor to get you back home & to work as soon as possible after such storms.

Incidents / Injuries

Have you been hurt on the job? YOU have the right and the RESPONSIBILITY to report every injury, no matter how minor, to Ameri-Force, 7-days a week, 24-hours a day. For ALL non-life-threatening injuries, you MUST receive Ameri-Force authorization for treatment by contacting one of the persons listed below. However, if you are faced with an immediate medical EMERGENCY (life-threatening), you are hereby authorized to seek medical treatment at the nearest medical provider. We will get you the medical treatment necessary to get you back to work both in the best SHAPE as possible and as QUICKLY as possible.

** Should you not comply with this requirement, Ameri-Force will be relieved from liability for payment for the services rendered.

** Failure to report a work-related accident / injury immediately, no matter how minor, to Ameri-Force may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.

Here are a list of phone numbers and contacts. Please contact the numbers for your assigned Ameri-Force branch office first. If you cannot reach your branch office, refer to the Risk Management numbers listed below those, or contact the corporate office toll free at 800-522-8998 to speak with Risk Management.

Ameri-Force Risk Management

Kay Jacobs
904-633-9918, x. 4091 / 904-616-6055


Ameri-Force Craft Services, Inc.
452E Government Street,
Mobile, AL 36606



Ameri-Force Craft Services, Inc.
301 W 28th St, Suite L
National City, CA 91950



Ameri-Force Craft Services, Inc.
and Ameri-Force Industrial Services, Inc.
9485 Regency Square Blvd Suite 107
Jacksonville, FL 32225


Ameri-Force Management Services, Inc.
9485 Regency Square Blvd #300
Jacksonville, FL 32225



Ameri-Force Craft Services, Inc.
824 Elmwood Park Blvd, suite 210
Harahan, LA 70123


Ameri-Force Craft Services , Inc.
1617 W Pinhook Rd, Suite B
Lafayette, LA 70508



Ameri-Force Craft Services, Inc.
1408 Maison Hwy 90 Suite 6
Gautier, MS 39553



Ameri-Force Professional Services, Inc.
Ameri-Force Craft Services, Inc.
714 High Street
Portsmouth VA 23704